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Googles Plan to Disrupt Malicious Notifications

Internet users are done of being the target of data theft. Good news is, Googles plan is to disrupt malicious notifications from being the reason your information is stolen. Here’s what it is.

When you’re scrolling through the internet, it can feel like everyone is trying to show you something. An ad for a hair dryer, or a new “experience” in your area.

Sometimes we have actually interest in what they want us to see. So we click on it. Then, not only do have to accept cookies and tracking permissions, but many websites will also want your permission to send notifications.

While many of these notifications are useful — for example, news updates, new recipes, or product launches – most of the time they tend to be spam.

It’s obnoxious, distracting, and it’s making us less productive at work.

Let’s call it ‘notification spam,’ and it’s becoming extremely problematic. In fact, Google claims that it’s one of the most common complaints from Chrome users.

As a result, the IT behemoth has decided to take action.

Googles Plan to Disrupt Malicious Notifications

The initial steps against unnecessary notifications was taken by Google in October 2020. They want to reveal the websites that are deceiving users into providing permission. They created their own prompts that alerted users that the website may be dangerous.

If Google believes the website is ‘abusive’ or ‘disruptive,’ it will then take additional steps to protect users. They will withdraw the permission granted to the website delivering notifications and even prevent them from requesting permission in the future.

We know how easy it is to mistakenly give permission to enable notifications to a malicious site. So even if you accidentally allow it, Chrome will step in and prevent the alerts.

It is still unclear how Google is determining if a website is abusive or disruptive. However, it is an overall good feeling knowing they are taking steps to reduce the amount of spam we are subject to.

This new feature intends to strengthen Google’s ‘Developer Terms of Service,’ which pledges not to use the company’s API to transmit spam of any kind.

Will this Limit All Notifications?

This initiative will not affect the majority of legitimate websites, but instead has intent to help keep your Chrome notifications spam-free.

Development on Chrome’s notification spam blocker has only just begun. Meaning, there is no release date yet for the new feature.

As always, if you require any advice regarding spam block protection, feel free to reach out to us. We can help.

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