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Getting Rid of Passwords for Good

No one loves keeping passwords. We’d all be happy getting rid of passwords for good.

You have to make them, remember them and remember which account they go with.

Your entire mood can shift when you’re suddenly logged out of an account you’ve been in for weeks. You have to rack your brain for the correct login credentials and go through the process all over again.

It can be very frustrating for everybody. Luckily, we may be seeing a solution for this very soon.

What will replace Passwords?

Well, the super powers of the tech world have joined forces to kill off passwords for good.

That’s right, Microsoft, Apple and Google plan to roll out no-password logins across all their platforms over the next year.

These tech giants are going to use standards set by the Fast Identification Online (FIDO) Alliance. This will ensure global standards for no-password authentication.

To put it simply, users will have a passkey to get into their applications. Much easier to remember.

A passkey is comparable to multi-factor authentication, in which you use a different device to verify it’s actually you, but it requires less effort.

How Passkeys Will Work

It’s fairly straightforward. You’ll use your phone to verify your identity when logging into an application or web page.

Your computer will use Bluetooth to confirm that you are nearby. Since Bluetooth only operates over short distances, we should see a stop to a lot of phishing scams.

Plus your phone will get sent direct verification.

You’ll use your face, fingerprint, or PIN to unlock your phone as usual. And then you’re good. You will be logged in.

Passkeys use a technique known as public key cryptography. When you create an account on an app or website a  key pair is created between the website and your phone.

These are extremely long numbers that are somehow linked. However, you’ll never see them, and you don’t have to remember them. When you unlock your phone normally, it verifies the pairing.

Additionally, you will not have to worry about misplacing your phone. Someone must be able to unlock your device and try to get into an account to be able to use the passkey.

Will this Replace Passwords for Good?

Your passkeys will be safe in the cloud, giving you the freedom to move your data to new devices. Similarly, it’s now as simple to set up a new phone mirroring your old one.

These passkeys will make the whole process of logging in easier and storage of your data safer.

It’s safer simply because there are no passwords for cyber criminals to steal. In no way is it a perfect method, but its a lot better than the existing password and multi-factor authentication system.


We’d love to hear what you think about this. Do you think we’ll be getting rid of passwords for good?

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