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Using Microsoft to Help Grow Your Business.

Technology has been the leading factor for business growth over the past few years. Microsoft Technologies being no exception. However, most people don’t even realize that Microsoft’s greatest aspect is their ability to fuel growth. So, we put together this list to share the top 7 ways you could use Microsoft to help grow your business.

Let’s get into it 


1. Preparing your Business for Growth 

As we’ve mentioned, one of Microsoft’s greatest offerings is their ability to promote growth. In addition to improving operations and performance, they also prep for expansion.

Unlike the other options on the market, Microsoft develops business-oriented solutions. Meaning, these solutions are specific to business owners and ensure the continuation of their new found growth.

However, in order for this to work, it is important to train your team and equip them with the necessary skills to make the most of these tools. Overall, it is essential to invest in training.


2. Save on Costs 

When a company looks to improve their standing, they are usually interested in saving money. Moreover, the benefit of using Microsoft’s services in general is their cost saving ability. Microsoft has the understanding that technology is an asset for businesses.

They offer a wide range of cost-cutting solutions, including “interoperability, data governance, and data integration solutions”. For example, using these Microsoft tools can help you improve customer engagement, productivity, and lower operating costs.

As a business owner, you should value anything that reduces operational costs. Lower operational costs allow you to establish competitive pricing and generate new opportunities. 


3. Increase Productivity and Automation 

You see it happening. Automation is becoming crucial for today’s businesses. Automation simplifies labor, shortens manufacturing cycles and speeds up output. Microsoft has specific systems of automation like Microsoft Dynamics that use AI to automate many business operations.

In addition, this type of technology helps employees save time on simple, tedious tasks. It will allow them to focus on their more demanding work. Using Microsoft to automate operations allows businesses to boost their productivity and focus on growing. 


4. Accommodate Change in Customer Demand 

As you know, consumer needs are ever-changing. To please customers, businesses have to keep up with evolving tastes and expectations. What pleases your customers today may not tomorrow.

As a result, businesses must respond quickly and adapt their products and services to these demands. For that, Microsoft provides a number of tools that generate customer knowledge and action plans such as client segmentation.

Microsoft Azure is a great example of a platform that allows for this flexibility. You can use it to host mobile applications by adding and removing them based on user demand.

Microsoft also allow businesses to develop straight from the cloud with Azure. This tool offers valuable knowledge to companies that help with cloud migration. This guarantees that you meet customer needs while not interfering with user experience. This, along with other Microsoft products, can help you adapt to changes in client behavior.


5. Improve Customer Relationships 

Nevertheless, a company’s success depends entirely on its customers. It’s hard to boost sales, meet goals, and grow if you do not build meaningful relationships with them. Building and keeping those relationships starts with good communication.

Subsequently, Microsoft provides great communication tools through HubSpot and Microsoft Teams. They help improve communication and development of stronger client relationships.


6. Improve System Security 

Overall, technology has had a positive impact on businesses. Unfortunately, it comes with the risk of cybersecurity attacks. Which can do a number on your internal operating systems. It has become crucial that businesses do what they can to protect themselves from these threats.

Fortunately, the market is bursting with data security and system protection solutions. Businesses who take advantage of these tools can easily prevent security risks and data loss.

Through Microsoft your business can access a variety of security-related tools. The most commonly used are:

  • Microsoft 365 Security
  • Microsoft Authenticator
  • and Microsoft Cloud App Security


7. Enhance Collaboration 

Collaboration is an essential element for business growth. However, during the pandemic, businesses were forced to employ remote working. It’s true, most businesses have gone back to the office, but the structure of remote working is here to stay.

Teleworking has proven to be a challenge for many businesses. It can seem impossible to keep up productivity. Don’t get us wrong, working from home has its benefits. Yet, communication can fall short among co-workers. That’s why it has been crucial for businesses to invest in technology that helps remote collaboration.

Microsoft is the market leader in collaborative technologies. They provide a number of solutions that help employees communicate from different locations. The best examples of these are SharePoint, OneDrive, Microsoft Teams, and other well-known applications. These services make it easier to communicate, share files, and collaborate in real time.


Wrapping Up

To summarize, the world of business is ever changing and technology is largely responsible for this expansion. Luckily, Microsoft is playing a vital role to assist businesses reduce costs, increase security, and improve productivity.

If you own a business, you should really think about using Microsoft services to optimize your operations. Use their business suite to improve customer relationships, support remote working, form leads, and increase the productivity of your operations.


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