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Chipmaking Giant Nvidia Suffers from Cyberattack

Another Week, Another Hack: Nvidia

This week, do we have another hack for you! Let’s get into the recent cyberattack on the chipmaking giant that is Nvidia.

For those of you who are somehow unaware of Nvidia, they are a leading manufacturer of high-end graphics processing units (GPUs). To put it plainly, they make the hardware that makes your video games look really good.  

For them being such a power house in the technology industry, you would assume they are technologically impenetrable. But, the reality is anyone can fall victim to cyber criminals.


In the midst of conflict going on between Russia and Ukraine these past few months, the integrated circuit developer, Nvidia, was hit by a massive cyberattack that completely compromised systems.


This hit was apparently the follow up after a few days of on-going attacks effecting the business.


What we know so far


First, let’s note that we are still unaware of whether or not the attack compromised customers personal information. The hit to the company seems to be intentional. Bad actors sought to leak stolen company information and employee credentials.


As some of you may know, the threat of ransomware attacks has increased significantly during the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.


Visit our last blog-post where we talk about the threat of Russian Ransomware Attacks.


Nvidia claims the attack appears to not be related to the Russia-Ukraine conflict. However, after this hit on Nvidia, other chipmakers want to make sure they are secure against different types of malware and cyber warfare.


You may be asking yourself, why Nvidia?


Well, Nvidia is a powerful player in the chipmaking industry. Their chips power everything from smartphones to children’s toys. 


They have a market cap of about $593 Billion and are one of the world’s most valuable corporations. With that being said, why not Nvidia. The ability to attack an enterprise of this size is a big wake-up call to their companies and competitors alike. 


There has been some light shed on the situation in recent days. The group known as “Lapsus$” allegedly claimed responsibility for leaking information. 


Sure enough, we’ll see more information start to emerge in the next couple of weeks. Furthermore, the company does not want to worry its users until they sort out the situation. 


Preparing yourself against Cyber-Attacks


Of course, it can be really shocking when a chipmaking giant like Nvidia suffers from a cyberattack like this. 


It’s a reminder to do your best to prepare you and your company from the event of a cyberattack.


Change your passwords – Frequently changing your passwords and requiring 2- step-authentication is a great way to prevent a hack. 


Having concerns that you may be a victim to an attack, you can always look yourself up on websites like to see if there’s any compromise. 


If you want to better prepare yourself to prevent ransomware attacks, be sure to check out a video I made “7 Ways we can Prevent Ransomware Attacks”.


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