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Cloud computing has been shaking up the sector for some years. The use of cloud computing by small and mid-sized firms is driving the industry’s expansion. However, while there are numerous advantages to moving to the cloud, there are reasons to proceed with caution. This post will discuss some of the reasons why the cloud and your business may not be a good fit.

Don’t get us wrong. There are many benefits for working in the cloud. These include: 

  • consistent access to the same applications for every user;
  • no need to install software on every individual’s device; 
  • upgrades and security patching made easier for the IT team; 
  • faster setup and easier scaling (up or down as needed); 
  • enterprise-level security without having to reinvent the wheel at the individual system level; 
  • built-in redundancy offering protection against single point of failure.

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Still, cloud computing isn’t a solve all solution. There are areas of the business that you may want to think twice about before migrating to the cloud. 

Proceed with caution towards the cloud

Consider the impact that a switch to cloud computing might have on your company. Don’t just sign up for everything and leave it at that. Cloud migration, for starters, makes your company more reliant on internet connectivity. When it comes to internet service providers (ISPs), if your small business should address the problems first before going to the cloud. ISPs that experience frequent outages or have slow upload and download speeds are not ideal cloud computing hosts. 

When dealing with huge volumes of data transfer, such as video editing, working from a cloud server is not a good idea because it increases the risk of data loss. 

Likewise, you’ll want to think twice before storing critical information in the cloud. Switching to cloud servers can improve security for many small businesses, and the move also provides them with access to encryption and redundancy. However, if data security is a concern (or a compliance issue), do a thorough investigation into the cybersecurity efforts of cloud service providers before proceeding. 

Do what’s best for YOUR business

If your business relies on custom software and data transfer, it probably wasn’t built to run in the cloud in the first place. Although new cloud-based software may offer the same functionality as older software, it’s important to understand what software it cannot accomplish. 

Is the cloud safe?

The cloud may not be the best choice for you if your companies needs are constantly changing. As a result, cloud vendors will do everything to keep you reliant on their solutions. They will not make it simple for you to switch to other software when you require different or additional capabilities.

It is also possible that you will end up as a multi-cloud corporation. Different teams within your organization can use their own cloud-based applications in this situation. This can provide consumers with access to best-in-class programs. It can also result in cumbersome processing complexity, which is not always desirable. 

We provide support for your cloud computing decisions

A successful cloud migration also necessitates excellent customer service. Having a vendor with readily available cloud assistance is essential if your IT crew is overburdened (or nonexistent). Alternatively, you might collaborate with a managed service provider to assist you with your cloud migration.

So there you have it, the top 10 reasons why Office 365 could be the right choice for your business.  We’d love to help you get started with or better managing cloud storage for your organization. Feel free to book an appointment with us here at STG IT Consulting Group. We’re here to help! 

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