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How to Expedite Your IT Support Request

When your technology fails, you want a fix immediately. Whether you’re unable to connect to your network or open a critical presentation file, the need to submit an IT support request quickly frustrates you. You simply cannot wait! We understand, and so allow us to share some tips to assist you in obtaining faster IT support.

Whether you’re interacting with an internal IT help desk or a managed services provider, you’re likely to begin by submitting a support ticket. You may be able to contact your IT gurus directly or via email, but they will still require certain information from you to get started.


The more information you provide on the help ticket, the more efficiently we can assist you in resolving your issues. The following section summarizes some of the critical information we require from you.


The Issue’s Scope


Outline the ramifications of the technology issue. Is the printer crisis you’re writing about confined to the personal printer of a single individual who prints infrequently? Or is the entire floor currently utilizing the printer and attempting to print year-end reports?


It helps to understand who is impacted, their roles, and the scope of the problem. This enables IT to prioritize your needs in relation to those of other departments within the company.




If one person reports a security breach and another reports a buzzing sound coming from their desktop, the response may be prioritized. The IT support desk will determine the level of criticality:


  • What effect will downtime have while we wait for a fix?
  • Is the issue affecting the company’s customers?
  • Is the entire business unable to function?


Description in Detail


The more accurately you can describe what is occurring, the more likely you will receive timely and efficient assistance. Always include the following, if possible:


  • the geographical location of the impacted technology;
  • the workstation’s name that is affected;
  • the name of the engineer who assisted you recently (if this has occurred previously);
  • when the error took place;
  • what you anticipated occurring;
  • What, if anything, did you do in an attempt to resolve the issue?


You may wish to attempt a few common troubleshooting steps prior to submitting an IT help request. These include the following:


  • enquiring as to whether anyone else is affected;
  • conducting an online search to determine whether another person has encountered and shared a resolution to the issue;
  • resuming the application after it has been terminated;
  • resetting the device.


Messages of Error


If your issue is accompanied by an error message, please share it with the IT team. By taking a screenshot of the message on your computer and sending it to us, you can assist your tech experts in determining what’s wrong more efficiently. The best course of action would be to capture a screencast of the process that is causing the issue.


Contact Details


Inform the service desk of the quickest way to reach you. If you’re going to be in a meeting all day, consider sharing a phone number where questions can be texted to you. If you’re traveling, provide your cell phone number rather than allowing an IT support callback to go to voicemail in your office.


You Can Count on IT Support


Please do not let your sense of urgency overshadow the critical nature of this information. You may be frustrated and stressed, but you can assist us by providing us with all the information necessary to effectively troubleshoot.


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