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7 Common Business IT Myths Debunked

Television MythBuster shows never address business IT myths. Regrettably, believing these myths can be costly and risky for your business. A look at seven common business IT myths.

While some myths are harmless, knowing the truth about business IT myths can be harmful. Make better tech decisions with accurate data and knowledge of IT.


Myth 1: Home and business PCs are interchangeable.

Sorry, wrong. Choosing a business computer can impact output. Don’t lose your competitive edge by using consumer PCs for business.

Business computers are built to last, use higher-quality components, and go through more testing than consumer PCs. They have better warranties and support, and business-appropriate features like fingerprint readers.


Myth 2: Apple computers are virus-proof.

Microsoft Windows users are targeted more frequently because the payoff is greater. Windows PCs also run any program requested, regardless of risk; Apple takes steps to prevent unauthorized malware from running.

This is also a myth. Apple released a security update for its phones, tablets, and watches in September. They didn’t even need to open a malicious file to risk infection. So, if you have an Apple device, check to see if you have iOS 14.8, macOS 11.6, or watchOS 7.6.2.


Myth 3: One backup is sufficient.

Data backups are much safer when done in a 3-2-1 fashion. Maintain three data backups, one of which should be off-site.

Backup your data to:

  • a second hard drive;
  • an external hard drive;
  • a thumb or USB flash drive;
  • a cloud service.


Myth 4: Yes, antivirus software is valuable and should be updated regularly. But no antivirus can protect your company from all threats.

While security programs try to keep up with new threats, infections can quickly spread across the internet. Plus, bad guys are getting better at evading antivirus software. In other words, don’t rely on antivirus software alone.


Myth 5: Only businesses are targeted.

Enterprise attacks get the press, but nearly half of cyberattacks hit small businesses. The bad guys know that small businesses have fewer resources and no cyberattack prevention plans. It’s easier to catch small fish than big fish with a basketball-sized IT team.


Myth 6: The computer will fail before you can replace it.

You can wait, but it won’t benefit your business. Slowing down your business before a computer fails. Older PCs reduce employee satisfaction and productivity.

You lose time loading apps and dealing with crashes as your computer ages. Inability to update software may also expose your systems to cyberattack.


Myth 7: Small businesses can’t afford IT outsourcing.

(Myth 5) You believe your IT systems are too small to require ongoing maintenance or monitoring. Outsourcing can help free up your IT resources to do more value-added tasks.


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