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Meet the Tech Dogs! TJ

Hello everybody welcome to Stan’s Garage and the segment you’ve all been waiting for – Meet the Tech Dogs.  Today I’m going to introduce you to the baby of the bunch TJ!

TJ joined the family in March of 2021 as a 4-month-old pup who’d been surrendered to the JJ Woofinpaws rescue in the San Fernando Valley.  He was purchased from a backyard breeder and his former owner couldn’t handle taking care of him when he’d run into some stomach problems.  The Mrs. and I saw him shared on a Facebook post, she didn’t say no, we put in an application not thinking it’d go anywhere, and sure enough, about a week and a half later, he joined our family.

From there it’s been honest about a smooth sailing as bringing a high energy pup into your household may be.  He was mostly housebroken already and learned his basic commands very quickly.  He’s the sweetest boy who loves every person and dog he meets, and he’s been great with our other two dogs.  He does love food though, and he’s always hungry.  He’ll do just about anything for a treat.

He also loves going to the park and stealing everyone’s balls there and just runs around with two or three in his mouth at almost all times.

When we first adopted TJ, we thought he was all German Shorthaired Pointer, but the DNA results came back, and turns out he’s 1/2 Dalmatian, 1/2 GSP.  Not what we’d initially anticipated, but we love him just the same, and he’s been a wonderful addition to our pack.  As he’s grown, the Dal side of him has definitely become more apparent.

Well, that’s our TJ, and if you’re ever at the office or want him to come out to yours next time we visit, I’m sure he’d love to meet you.  Especially if you’ve got some treats!

That’s all for this segment of meet the tech dogs.  Do you think TJ’s cute?  He’d love to hear from you in the comments below, please like and subscribe, and we’ll catch you on the next one!

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