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Outsourcing to an MSP: Custom-size Your Partnership

There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to company IT. MSPs (managed service providers) are well aware of this. That’s why they make partnering with them for various levels of outsourced IT so simple. The three tiers of MSP outsourcing commonly available are described in this article.


Many obstacles confront small and mid-sized organizations. They must manage resources, adhere to rules, and defend against cyber threats. Simultaneously, they must deal with constant change (e.g. growing workforce mobility). Despite these similarities, the technology employed in each organization, as well as the level of in-house skills to manage and maintain IT, can differ.


As a result, many firms hire MSPs to learn about their IT infrastructure. The MSP can serve as an IT watchdog, provide specific value-added services, or even take the position of an in-house IT department.


MSP as IT Watchdog

This MSP engagement level is for companies that require skilled backup assistance. The MSP keeps an eye on the company’s infrastructure and ensures that everything is in working order.


To keep track of the IT environment, the MSP will employ remote monitoring. If an issue occurs, they will not demand any modifications – that is up to the company – but they will assist in detecting concerns to avoid any business impact.


Many companies lack the manpower to monitor their IT systems 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This basic MSP service is a good method to keep track of important networks, systems, and databases around the clock, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


MSP’s Menu of Services

On top of monitoring, MSPs provide a variety of value-added services. The additional jobs you outsource will be determined by your level of skill, finances, and desire to be hands-on with technology.


MSPs provide value-added services such as:


installing software updates; detecting and addressing security vulnerabilities; recommending current, reliable, and secure technology solutions to boost operational performance; handling data backup and disaster recovery; functioning as your IT help desk for staff.

For these services, partnering with an MSP can save time and money for the company. Think about data backup: Because of economies of scale, the MSP may have its own data centers for all of its clients, which could result in a lower cost for important data backup.


MSP as IT Team

Other organizations can profit from outsourcing their IT to a reputable MSP. For starters, the company avoids having to hire, train, and retain its own IT crew in a tight labor market.


The MSP will continue to monitor and manage the IT infrastructure remotely, but they will now be fully responsible. It’s not as simple as picking and choosing from the options on the a la carte menu above. The MSP is in charge of all of these tasks.


Many internal IT teams are reactive, as they don’t have the bandwidth to act otherwise. However, by using an MSP instead of an overburdened IT department, you obtain a proactive partner. The MSP is in charge of securing applications and networks, managing mobility, and responding to incidents. They keep your organization going by preventing disruptions that could result in revenue loss, customer turnover, or reputational damage.


Putting an MSP in charge of IT can be unsettling for some business owners who are hesitant to relinquish control, but an MSP delivers the advantages of professional IT experience (and, ideally, your industry). They have the tools to give data analytics, increase cybersecurity, and improve your company’s performance over time.


An MSP Partnership to Suit You

You want to deal with an MSP that will become an extension of your organization on any of these three levels. The right MSP becomes a valuable business partner who looks out for your company’s best interests.


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