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Expert Tips for Staying Safe on Public Wi-Fi 

We’ve all connected to public Wi-Fi at one point or another. Whether you’re at an airport or working from a café, these hotspots are a super convenient way to stay connected, but at what cost? Here are some expert tips for staying safe on public Wi-Fi.

As a Los Angeles-managed IT services company with over 15 years of experience, we’ve seen it all when it comes to various forms of Wi-Fi connectivity issues. 

There are plenty of risks to consider when connecting to public Wi-Fi, but we’ll review some tips and tricks to help protect your online presence.

Choosing the Right Wi-Fi Network 

The first thing you can do to secure your public Wi-Fi connection is to make sure you’re joining the right network. This may sound obvious, but you’d be surprised by how many hackers create fake but similar-sounding network names to lure unsuspecting users.

So, always double-check with the establishment you’re at for its legitimate network name.  

By taking this simple precaution, you save yourself from a world of trouble that comes in the form of malicious malware and other threats.  

How to Pick a Secure Network 

Here’s a quick tip for making sure the public Wi-Fi network you join is secure. 

When you attempt to connect to a public network, look at the symbols associated with each. One quick look and you’ll spot it – a lock icon. 🔒

This lock symbol signifies that the network is secure. 

By joining a verified secure network, you add a layer of protection to yourself against cyber threats.

It only takes a few seconds to prioritize your online safety.  

When in doubt, never connect to a non-secure network – it can only spell trouble for you and your devices.  

Have Your Device ‘Ask to Connect‘ 

In the world of public Wi-Fi, not all networks are created equal.  

To protect your devices, you should set them to ‘always ask for permission’ before connecting to a network, especially ones you don’t know. 

This small action actually gives you control of your online security by allowing you to scrutinize every connection to make sure it’s real and more importantly, safe.  

Take this moment of caution whether you connect at a café, an airport, or even a friend’s apartment.

Be Your Own Hotspot 

The best tip if you want to connect to public Wi-Fi is simple: be your own hotspot.  

The uncertainty of networks is the last thing you want to worry about when logging into your online accounts.  

It pays to be proactive and create your own secure hotspot. You can designate your smartphone as a hotspot or even purchase a physical hotspot to throw in your bag. Nothing beats being able to rely on yourself. 

There are even websites where you can subscribe to hotspots.  

Having a hotspot that you control secures your connection and allows you to extend that security to your friends. 

It’s a simple and effective way to ensure a safe internet experience on the go. 

Avoid Using Passwords 

If you have no choice but to use public Wi-Fi, a rule of thumb is to avoid filing in your passwords.  

Remember that anything you type or send on an internet connection is accessible to a hacker if they compromise that network – including your passwords.  

If you can avoid it, don’t use your passwords on a public connection.  

If you cannot avoid that, use a password manager. A password manager will store and encrypt your passwords.  

If a password manager is too much, only sign into websites that require Multi-factor Authentication (MFA). In the case of a hacker getting into your connecting and finding your password, they won’t be able to access your accounts without your physical device.  

There you have it, some tips and strategies to help you navigate the “scary” world of public Wi-Fi.

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