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6 Steps to Take if your Netflix Account is Hacked

Netflix is one of the most well-known streaming platforms across the globe. Nearly 231 million people subscribe to it and growing. But what happens when someone accesses your account? Here are 6 steps to take if your Netflix account is hacked.

This streaming platform has become an essential part of many people’s everyday entertainment. They turn on their device, log in and start streaming their favorite shows.

Unfortunately, Netflix is a target for hacking just like any other online account. It’s a built-in risk when you only have to provide a username and password.

Although we know it’s possible, when our accounts are hacked it can be shocking and quite frustrating. You may not know what exactly to do in these moments either. Being in this state of annoyance can lead you to make decisions that only make things worse.

In this post, we’ll outline the steps to follow if you suspect your Netflix account is compromised.

What Should You Do If Your Netflix Account Has Been Hacked?

1. Go to Netflix and Try to Log In

If you suspect that someone might have hacked your Netflix account, check the site directly from your browser. Never go through links you receive through email, DM, or SMS.

Check first to see if your password allows you to log in. If you catch the hacker before they lock you out, you might still be able to. If not, move on to Step 4, where you will contact Netflix support.

2. Immediately Change Your Password (If you can log in)

If you can access your account, immediately change the password. Make sure the password is strong and at least 10-12 characters long. It should have a mix of letters, numbers, and symbols.

Do not use a variation of the password you perceive as hacked. No part of your other password should be used in the creation of your new one.

3. Remove Strange Payment Methods

Again, this is something to do if you can still access your account. Visit the payment methods section in your settings. Hackers often add another form of payment to your account. They use it to provide Netflix with account verification.

You should remove any strange payment method that is not yours. However, you will need another way to verify your account if you also decide to remove your own payment method. So, before you do that, you might want to contact support.

4. Contact Netflix Support (Don’t skip this step)

Everyone’s experience will be different. Some people praise Netflix for their fast and helpful response times.

Regardless of your success logging in, you need to contact Netflix support. There might be things you aren’t aware of that the hacker has done. They may have even changed the subscription information.

Inform the support agent right away that you believe your account has been compromised. They will guide you through the process of reversing the hacker’s actions.

5. Monitor Your Bank Statements

Keep an eye out for any odd charges on your bank statements. You should do this after any account hack.

6. Change the Passwords for Accounts Using the Same Netflix Login Information

People love to use the same password for multiple accounts – or one that is very similar. Be sure to change the password for any account that uses the same one that was recently hacked. Once hackers find one password, they’ll do their best to hack into any account that uses the same credentials.

Get Help Protecting Your Accounts & Passwords

Although you now know the 6 steps to take if your Netflix account is hacked, don’t wait until you become the next victim of a hack. Call us right away to schedule a chat about your password security options.

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