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Act Now to Avoid this Crafty New Phishing Scam

It seems like every day a new scam comes to fruition. Today is no different. Act now to avoid this crafty new phishing scam.

Hackers are becoming more devious. The latest malware attack is unusually smart. In order to access your accounts, it poses as a well-known brand name.

The target will receive a convincing email that appears to be from a popular e-signature site.

Within the email is a blank attachment that loads as an empty SVG file, carefully encoded inside an HTML file attachment.

In lay terms, it’s a very smart way the malware is able to bypass a lot of security software.

That puts companies like yours in a vulnerable position. The image itself is coded to send people to a dangerous URL.

If you open the attachment, you run the risk of unintentionally installing malware on your computer or network, exposing your data, and making yourself vulnerable to a ransomware attack.

Crafty New Phishing Scam

The most recent targets of this wave of HTML attachment attacks are mainly small and medium-sized businesses. Therefore, it’s obvious an organization must take action to stay ahead of these bad actors.

So, before you start clicking on email attachments, especially ones that use software to sign documents electronically, make sure the emails are real.

Cybercriminals use this method because they know you are less likely to question a trusted brand name.

To take things a step further, you can prevent your employees from being exposed to scams by blocking the ability to receive emails with this type of attachment.

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