A Little Remote Trust Goes A Long Way

A Little Remote Trust Goes A Long Way

A number of businesses still believe that employees will not produce the best work until they are physically working from the office. While managers are finding it difficult to fully adapt to our new hybrid world, this perception of work ethic is far from reality. Will a little remote trust go a long way?

The truth is, workers with more flexibility from remote and hybrid working often lead to an improvement in productivity. However, some businesses don’t believe this is true and are bringing back office-only policies.

Employers are still dealing with the effects of the past several years and are hoping that productivity will return if employees return to the workplace.

But hybrid workers are actually showing improved morale, more creativity, and better collaboration skills than pre-pandemic levels. So having them go back to the office might not be the right decision.

Increased Employee Monitoring Will Never Be Popular

Several businesses have made the decision to increase staff supervision and track performance. But this tactic is viewed as a Big Brother strategy and ultimately has the opposite effect. It often leads to a decline in productivity, a lack of trust, demoralized teams, and a strong sense of ‘us vs. them’.

Every company needs to be aware of how they are performing and choose the metrics that give the best insight into productivity. But, it has to be done in a way that avoids making workers feel like cogs in a machine.

So, What Is The Right Move?

There is some straightforward advice for creating a successful and productive hybrid workplace:

  • Encourage others to work in a way that’s best for them.
  • Find the appropriate means to evaluate performance so that employees don’t feel like they are being watched all the time.
  • Automate repetitive processes.
  • Provide everyone with the tools and technology they need to accomplish their jobs effectively.

This can involve selecting the proper devices, utilizing collaborative communication tools, and making the best connectivity choices.

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