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When Can You Comfortably Forget Your Password?

The future may be getting rid of traditional passwords. So, when can you comfortably forget your password? The time is coming as passkeys start becoming the safer, more secure way of accessing our online accounts.

Global use of passkeys will be a significant advancement in internet security, and it is gaining some momentum as more and more well-known companies use them. How long does that give us before we say out goodbyes to the password?

The FIDO alliance, a group of tech giants that include Apple, Google, and Microsoft, has long backed this new technology. They have the expectation that it will someday replace passwords entirely.

Already, we see implementations of passkeys by these major brands for some of their applications. But now that some of the biggest companies in password management software are joining in, things will probably move much more quickly.

Function of Passkeys

Passkeys function by generating and storing credentials on your phone that are only accessible to you. These are known as private keys, and the biometrics you use to sign in to that device – your fingerprint or the facial recognition – authenticate them.

When you want to gain access to a website, the site will generate a public key which will request your private key. Similar to a password, your matching passkey grants your access to your account.

This will allow you to create and save complex passwords with your password manager. Ensuring that you always have a secure, one-of-a-kind, and impossible to guess password for every password. You might never have to remember a password again.

The adoption of passkeys by most password managers is also accelerating the transition.

After the years we’ve spent implementing good password hygiene, will we miss the traditional password methods? Probably not…

We actually welcome any move towards stronger password management and security and don’t think it will be long before most online accounts are using passkeys.

So, when can you comfortably forget your password? Seems like sooner rather than later.

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