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Zoom Wants To Be The Better Teams

When you hear the name Zoom, you automatically think of video conferencing. For millions of users around the world, this is the tool they rely on at work to get the job done. The competitor to Zoom is Teams, an application apart of the all inclusive productivity suite of Microsoft. With the momentum brought on by the Pandemic, Zoom wants to be the better Teams.

As alluded, Teams is an overall better application when it comes to productivity, collaboration and workplace integration. This is all in addition to the video calling abilities. Plus, integration with the rest of the Microsoft 365 suite, makes it that much easier to prefer Teams.

Zoom would like a piece of the usage Teams is seeing with the launch of a whole new suite. They’ve understood video conferencing will only get them so far. Offering features and services that clearly mimic what Teams and Slack already offer to stand as competition.

New Zoom Features

Some of these incoming features include email, calendar and a virtual workspace called Zoom Spots. In the meantime, Zoom is already making upgrade to the Zoom One platform with that will improve collaboration and keep meeting flows moving.

Although it seems like a reasonable next step for the industry leader in video conferencing, it is unclear how extensively the new services will be embraced. And we’ll want to ensure that the levels of support, dependability, and security are all bulletproof before we suggest it to our clientele.

Microsoft Teams, which publishes its own updates practically regularly, is already embraced by many companies. However, this is an interesting new development, and we’ll be closely observing what happens next.

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