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Don’t Walk the Plank with Pirated Software

Many SMBs think might consider using pirated software in an effort to cut costs. A surprising number of businesses are willing to break the law just to save money… Our advice? Don’t walk the plank with pirated software.


As of this year, the most downloads of pirated software are project management tools and marketing and sales software. However, a staggering 56% of business owners claim they would use illegal cybersecurity software if it would reduce their costs.

Don’t even consider it.

In addition to pirated software being unsupported, if you have any issues using it – which you probably will – there’s no way to get help to fix it. Which ultimately opens up your business to bigger problems. So if saving money is your prerogative, best believe you’ll spend the “savings” and more on recovery costs.

Cybercriminals Will Target Anyone

Cybercriminals look at every possible way to corner someone. They know businesses want to cut costs, so they put out pirated software with the goal of distributing malware. Some malware is made to evade firewalls, so once you install it, it can spread malicious files beyond your device and throughout your network. This will lead to the leak of private information.

This kind of cyber attack can cost a fortune to fix and the pirated software can ruin your devices by slowing them down or making them overheat.

We always recommend our clients use authentic software from a reputable source. Here’s a good reminder – if the price of the software seems too good to be true… it probably is.

But you still have options. By appropriately managing admin permissions, you can stop unauthorized personnel from downloading potentially harmful software. You should make sure that your entire team gets regular cybersecurity awareness training so everyone is aware of the dangers to your company’s data.

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