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Is Working From Home Actually Beneficial to Your Company?

Work from home. Or more presently known as remote work. It’s the new “thing” in business today. For some people, they adore it. But, is working from home actually beneficial to your company?

Employees enjoy a work from home lifestyle because they are able to work wherever and whenever they choose. Ideally, it makes them more productive and deters them from leaving.

But, have you thought about the drawbacks of remote work? The negative aspects affecting your business and your employees.

There are plenty of employees who genuinely enjoy the experience of working from home. They are more than willing to use video calls and collaboration tools to connect. However, there are a small portion who find the entire experience very isolating.

Often times when this occurs, motivation and happiness can quickly decline. Therefore, negatively impacting the culture of your business.

This can result in performance issues that are more difficult to pinpoint.

On the other hand, some workers may become more prone to burnout since they find it difficult to distinguish between work and leisure time. For some people, they look forward to the change in environment.

Right now, your team may be happy and able to fulfill their roles, but there are also some operational decisions you must make for you company.

Consider the cost of remote work. Are there enough laptops, phone and office supplies for everyone? Perhaps some need a desk and chair, or an internet upgrade?

Make sure you don’t need to spend twice. Paying for both at home setups while also investing in desks and equipment in office.

The most important thing you need to provide is a complete cyber security protection program wherever people are working.

By protecting them, you are protecting yourself and important business assets.

If you implement remote worker, it is important to ask yourself, “is working from home actually beneficial to your company?”

There are a number of ways we can help secure and maybe save your investments.

If you would like us to review your current setup and provide some effective cyber security recommendations, please feel free to reach out! It’s something we handle everyday and take very seriously.

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