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Why the Global Chip Shortage Impacts Your Business

The computer industry has been dealing with a severe chip shortage for the past few of years. But it’s not only the tech sector are feeling the effect. Let’s go over why the global chip shortage impacts your business.

Most of the items we use on a daily basis have chips in them. Your laptops, desktops, home appliances and our cars all would not be able to operate without a chip.

So you can figure this chip shortage had the possibility of disrupting our modern lived.

This issue has been ongoing from the start of 2020. What a year.

It began during the pandemic when the demand for electronic devices went up and the production fell for obvious reasons.

Besides the onset of Covid halting many operations, other events made production worse. Including harsh weather, the Ukraine War and even a massive factory fire.

You may be asking why now, two years later, we have not been able to solve the shortage issue. The thing is, chip production is not easy. Due to the special requirements, it can take years to build a new factory capable of producing with these unique production demands.

Of course, this problem is not yours to solve. So, what does this truly mean for your business?

In essence, it indicated that you should plan ahead more.

Think about all the technology you use to run your business. If they aren’t already, they soon may be in short supply.

For instance, obtaining a large number of the same laptop will prove to be much harder than getting 2 or 3.

Additionally, other essential devices that you barely think about because they fall to the back will see an impact. Network switches, security systems and more are currently more difficult to get a hold of.

Planning ahead is more important than ever as you drive to increase your company’s growth.

Experts in the industry anticipate the shortage to last into the next year – and possibly longer than that.

If you would like to feel secure about your businesses future, run your growth plans by us. We can advise what you might need to order and when. Feel free to reach out to us for all your technical needs.

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