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3 Exciting Teams Features Coming Soon

Exciting New Team’s Features To Look Forward To

In this new world of remote work and learning, Microsoft Teams’ popularity has risen dramatically. Over the past few years, their monthly user base has grown to over 270 million. So, it will be exciting to see some Teams features coming soon.

Of course, it is only right that during a pandemic an application like that would prove very useful.

But even as we slowly come back to “normalcy” in the work place, Teams continues to see growth.

Some businesses rely on Teams so much that their owners and managers wonder how they ever got by without it.

Teams has given businesses the freedom to stay connected no matter where they work from. To be able to collaborate with each other without being in the same room.

Additionally, Teams is part of the Microsoft 365 package. So, it was an easy decision for business owners to make to bring their hybrid teams together.

Microsoft’s commitment to constantly improving and adding features is one of the reasons that makes Teams so unique. They aren’t just improving on the fundamentals. They are helping us become more productive and less distracted.

As the months go on, we have seen new features such as a virtual whiteboard where you can bounce around ideas during a video meeting roll out.

Users will also notice the new and improved chat features. You are able to pin chats to the top and filter messages more easily. Users can even change the view of their screens so they can focus more on the task at hand.

More features are constantly being developed that improve user experience.

New Features

Specifically, there are 3 new features they are about to introduce that we are very excited about.

The first will be available later this month. This feature feels like it should have been included from the start. Now, when you rename a Teams channel, the corresponding SharePoint folder will automatically change to match.

This will make everything more organized and the ability to find the appropriate folder way easier.

Then in June, they will be releasing a new Chat With Self feature. This function will allow you to send yourself messages, notes, files and images. This new feature will be a game changer. It’s weird we have gone this long without it. No more texting yourself important work related documents.

Finally, we will see update to the Teams browser feature that will allow you to make calls there, instead of on the Teams app. Microsoft wants both the browser and app experience to feel the same.

Of course Microsoft will continue to roll out features throughout the year, keep an eye out for what they announce next. It will be exciting to see all that Teams can do.

If you are looking to make the switch to Microsoft or just need assistance adjusting to Teams, we’re here to help. As Microsoft Partners, we are fully equipped to help you with anything you may need.

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