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Top 5 Tech Trends Your Small Business Should Implement in 2022

Top 5 Tech Trends Your Small Business Should Implement in 2022

Today I wanted to talk directly to the small business owners out there. These past few years have been a rollercoaster I’m sure. We’ve learned that if we don’t keep up with the times, we will fall behind. So, I’ve compiled a list of the top 5 tech trends your small business should implement in 2022. 

Without further a due, let’s get into it.


Number One: Artificial Intelligence 


For years, artificial intelligence and machine learning have been hot topics in the computer industry. In 2022, these technologies are becoming more widely adopted. Small business owners should continue incorporating them into their new and current procedures. From voice assistance to the individualized consumer experience, there are no boundaries for the range of implementation options.

Although artificial intelligence may appear as something only major enterprises utilize, executive vice president and general manager of small business at Salesforce, believes that small businesses are already beginning to adopt it.

AI will help provide your small business’ customers with a more tailored experience. It can be used to maximize your time and automate tedious processes.


The ultimate take away is that using AI-enabled digital solutions will help save you time. 55% of small businesses cite poor use of time as a significant concern for productivity. As a result, AI is positioned to improve the efficiency of small business operations.

Put it this way, if you spend almost a quarter of your day doing manual tasks such as data entry, AI and automation will be of significant value to you. 


Number 2: All-Inclusive HR Technology 


As a result of the pandemic, there is an increase in need for comprehensive HR software and technology. The use of HR tech helps small business owners like yourself keep track of employees and their needs.


The shift to remote work is a huge reason we put a lot of the focus on HR technology. Yet, doing so continues to help small businesses even now. Remote work has an impact on business in terms of productivity, engagement, culture, two-way communication, and employee development. For that reason, centralized HR information systems have become essential.


HR directors are beginning to recognize that HR technology can assist a system of engagement more than just a “system of record.” Many small businesses manage their employees using Excel spreadsheets or outdated HR systems, but your employees want and deserve better. Which is why centralized platforms come into play.


Number 3: Emphasis on Automation 


Automation has long been a term used in small business circles, but 2022 is the year it finally takes precedent. Business owners should consider automation as a way to save money and address serious problem areas.

With prolonged labor shortages in certain industries, automation investments will only continue to rise. Small businesses can use online pricing automation to balance profitability and revenue growth, as well as inventory management systems that ensure the appropriate amount of goods are on hand.

With that being said, we will continue to see more and more companies develop new automation solutions. Those organizations will use these services to leverage the cloud and help push for the increase in automation. 


Number 4: Taking Cybersecurity Seriously  


Here’s a crazy statistic; approximately 60% of small businesses believe they are unlikely to be the target of a cyberattack… This is just not the reality. Small businesses are constantly the target of cyberattacks and data breaches. It is important we combat this. That is why 2022 needs to be the year we fight back.

The approach for small to midsized businesses should be to start viewing security through the perspective of larger enterprises. 

With the amount of cyberattacks happening every day, businesses should take cybersecurity measures seriously. Locking down on a comprehensive backup and recovery plan as well as establishing new standardized blocking and tackling game plans will keep your business safe.


Check out a list we made of things you can do right now to strengthen your cybersecurity defense.


Number 5: Software Unification 


In today’s workplace, more and more tech applications are becoming prevalent for communication. Businesses use Slack to connect teams, Outlook to send important files, Salesforce to manage clients, Basecamp to plan projects, and Google Drive to store data. 


It’s difficult to connect one software to work with other software. Integration platforms will be the breakthrough that allows this software connection.


In 2022, we should finally see the connection allowing for seamless communication across numerous platforms. For example, if you change customer information, it will update simultaneously across platforms. This unification will save firms time and make onboarding a much simpler process. 


So there you have it, the top 5 tech trends your small business should implement in 2022. 


Do your business a favor and stay ahead. It has become crucial that tech takes precedent in our daily practice. Consumers and employees are looking to work with companies that are up to date in all aspects, especially tech. 


I hope this information gave you some helpful insight on this year’s tech trends. I’d love to get your feedback on this.


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