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Businesses Investing More Into IT This Year

Technology has Become Essential

As a business owner or manager, you understand the value of good IT. Technology has become essential to operating a business. That’s why businesses are investing more into IT than ever before.

IT is more than just computers and data. It encompasses everything from your phone system to your printers to the point of which you access your documents.

That’s before you consider the countermeasures you’ll need to keep your data and infrastructure safe and secure from cybercriminals.

So it shouldn’t be surprising to see a statement from the IT research and consultancy firm, Gartner, that predicts businesses will spend more on technology this year than any other year.

In reality, worldwide IT spending could reach a chart-topping $4.4 trillion. That all despite the increase in inflation, the Russia Ukraine situation and shortages within the chip and IT industries.

We feel that there has been a fundamental shift in how businesses value their technology.


Shifting to Digital

As we all know, two years ago companies were forced to take unexpected action to allow employees work from home. The pandemic really forced businesses to make   In many situations, this meant a significant investment into equipment, quick system changes, and the adoption of new technology.

And for the most part, it’s worked out well. Businesses have quickly adapted, and many have accepted the changes on a more permanent basis.

However, it has also made decision makers more aware that they need to be better prepared for a sometimes unpredictable future. Potential disruptions can still happen, and it’s important to be aware of that.

This is the difference between a versatile and an agile business… and one who gives up after the first hurdle.

Many organizations no longer consider IT to be a cost. They now embrace it as an investment. They can see a direct link between developing durable, safe, and adaptable systems and their teams’ ability to achieve more.


Having the Right Help

We also see business owners and managers putting more emphasis on the importance of great, proactive technical assistance from a partner they can trust.

The assistance is not only to help assist and plan large developmental projects. But really, mitigates downtime and they help ensure systems are running securely and as well as they should.

With businesses investing more into IT, finding the right IT company to help you manage your technology starts with communication.


If you would like to chat with one of technology experts, we can assist you in analyzing your tech and support needs.

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