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5 Ways to Build Small-Business Efficiency with Microsoft 365

Today, business productivity must be more than a buzzword. Without technology to support communications and process productivity, it’s difficult to remain competitive. You will lack the necessary agility and mobility to succeed. This article discusses the numerous ways in which a small business can improve its efficiency by utilizing Microsoft 365.

You may already be familiar with Microsoft 365’s core capabilities. These include the following:


  • a business email address and calendaring services shared by all employees;
  • online storage service that provides a shared space for collaboration as well as a substantial amount of personal storage space for each user account;
  • Collaboration apps for docuInstalled Pluginsments, spreadsheets, and presentations;
  • tools for communication, such as messaging and video conferencing;
  • features, such as two-factor authentication.

Having all of these features in a single solution is advantageous. Avoiding the need to switch between different vendors’ apps can benefit your business in the following ways:


  • conserve time;
  • Streamline deployment;
  • obviate the need for technical support and IT management;
  • Consistent budgeting with a single invoice for a single solution.
  • There are, however, additional ways in which Microsoft 365 can help a small business run more efficiently.


#1 Streamline Procedures


Microsoft 365, which is powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI), enables anyone to automate work processes. The solution enables users to quickly and securely automate routine tasks. All that is required is the use of low-code, drag-and-drop, or prebuilt connectors.


Automating the process of completing forms can be a significant time saver. For instance, you could use Power Automate to detect text in PDFs and then trigger specific actions. A business that spends hours scanning paper documents to convert them to digital files could save a lot of time and effort this way.


#2 Enable Online Reservations

Microsoft Bookings, another time-saving tool, promises “a simpler way to organize schedules and manage appointments.” A hair salon, a financial services office, or a business providing home services may all benefit. Bookings synchronize appointment settings with calendars in Microsoft 365 or Office 365.


Customers appreciate the ease with which available time slots can be located, and you avoid double bookings. Additionally, you can specify required information in advance or assign specific staff to specific bookings.


#3 Simplify Chat


Microsoft Teams makes everyone accessible. The software enables users to chat, call, and join video calls from a single location. Additionally, Teams centralizes documents, chat history, and meeting notes.


It’s easier to:


maintain people’s focus;

minimize email clutter;

make decisions more quickly;

wherever you are, communicate and collaborate.

Additionally, the Teams Chat option assists in bringing people together, even if they work remotely. GIFs, stickers, and emojis can all be used to convey personality.


#4 Make Use of an Online Whiteboard


Microsoft 365’s Whiteboard, dubbed a “collaborative digital canvas,” enables small businesses to collaborate and brainstorm regardless of where employees work.


You might be interested in:


  • adding content with a digital pen or text objects;
  • utilizing sticky notes to communicate ideas and solicit feedback;
  • selecting and rearranging objects on the whiteboard to organize tasks or ideas;
  • by underlining and annotating;
  • utilizing shapes, lines, and text to create diagrams and process flows;
  • uploading images in order to boost engagement.


#5 Strengthen Data Analytics


With Power BI, any small business can become more data-driven. Business owners can use the Business Intelligence tool to discover and share actionable insights. Hundreds of data visualizations, built-in artificial intelligence capabilities, and prebuilt and custom connectors all contribute to the reduction of analytical complexity. Additionally, the Excel integration streamlines reporting.


Utilizing Microsoft 365 to Its Full Potential

You can subscribe to Microsoft 365 via the cloud or download and install the software on up to 15 devices per user… or both! You’ll quickly see the benefits of conducting business with Microsoft 365.



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